Understanding sick people who beat, neglected, and abandoned their pet animals is really hard. This story is one of many neglecting stories, that happen in Egypt, of animals. It is about a German shepherd that was being hung from a balcony.

Animal lovers may find it difficult to comprehend what goes through someone’s mind when they abuse an animal, but every day, individuals harm animals all over the world, including right here in the United States.



A stunning German Shepherd, was born and lived her first year of existence in abhorrent circumstances. Bella lived her entire existence outside on a third-floor balcony in Cairo, the capital of Egypt, where she ate, slept, and waited for her owner to show her love. Bella was chained in place to keep her safely on the balcony and prevented from moving beyond her tiny, hard, harsh balcony conditions.


Dogs have proven to be incredibly tenacious and able to endure challenging circumstances. Bella made the decision to flee when the abuse became intolerable for her.

Bella was discovered when she threw herself off the balcony in an effort to get to the ground below and find freedom. She almost died, but this choice saved her.

The dog leaped from the balcony, shocking onlookers who watched in horror as her descent was abruptly halted by the heavy chain around her neck. The dog was suffocating while hanging from the chain, and the corroded metal links started to cut into her skin. Good Samaritans hurriedly started looking for a way into the structure in an effort to save the terrified and wailing canine.


Before someone could reach the balcony and lift Bella up, she dangled from it for more than five hours. Bella miraculously lived, but the chain had severely damaged her neck, going right through her to the muscle. Bella was very undernourished, which made her bones visible all over her body.



Bella eventually made a full recovery thanks to the efforts of many, and she now has a doggie brother, resides in Texas with her forever family, and enjoys going to the park, playing in the water, and relaxing on the couch.