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Mother mouse takes on the biggest challenge of her life and defeats a large snake to save her babies

Motherhood is extremely sacred and has been proven through many videos of many animals as well as from people. But if you put yourself in an extremely dangerous situation like in the video below of a mouse, what will your decision be.

A mother rat is trying to chase away a large snake that is capturing its young and trespassing its nest illegally on a roof. The incident took place in a village in Vietnam:

The mother rat went out to eat and suddenly returned, right after that, its baby was being captured by a snake and soon the baby mouse will be in the belly of the snake.

A very dangerous situation and really can cost the life of the mother rat. The mother decides to fight because her pups are being captured and possibly the rest of the nest.

The mother mouse hid on the roof and approached the snake then suddenly attacked, the snake was not afraid but tried to attack the mouse. It thinks it will get a bigger meal from the mother mouse.

The snake’s thinking was wrong when the mother mouse was quite brave and smart, after many unsuccessful attacks and fear of falling from above, the snake released the baby mouse and ran away.

The mother mouse quickly chases and attacks as if to finish the opponent, the snake gets scared and runs away from the scene, a great result for the mouse and sacred motherhood.


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