The Mysterious “Marfa Lights” of Texas: The Scariest And Mystifying UFO Sighting Ever

There are many isolated UFO sightings that have enough witnesses and interesting facts to make the front page of local newspapers. However, it is the large-scale sightings of UFOs that are most disturbing and fascinating.

Many witnesses could claim to have witnessed the exact same thing at one location. Many people have reported seeing the same thing in different places over the years.

This sighting was the most well-known. It occurred in Phoenix, Arizona 23 years ago. Thousands of witnesses saw the same cluster of lights in central Arizona. While no explanation has been given for this incident however, those who witnessed it will not forget it.

UFO sightings aside, Phoenix sightings are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes UFO sightings.

The most fascinating sightings are often clusters of sightings that have been long forgotten due to lack of media coverage, distant locations, or other circumstances.

Some of these sightings have even persisted from month to month, year to year, and even generation to generation – yet despite this, no clear explanation for what is going on has been uncovered!

Few mass sightings can be as interesting as the famous “Marfa Lights” or “ghost Lights” sightings in Texas, which have been perplexing paranormal and UFO enthusiasts around the world for centuries.

Marfa Lights are perhaps the most famous UFO encounter I have ever seen in film.

Although these lights don’t look like UFO encounters in the classic sense, they are still interesting. These lights are often seen in the desert west and southwest of Marfa, West Texas. They can be described as white, yellow, red or another color.

Local residents can clearly see them despite their size being compared to basketballs.

Acrobatic moves in the sky are also what make them unique. These movements surpass the capabilities of any conventional aircraft, or many of the UFOs seen over the years. According to, they can be seen in Mitchell Flat as the Marfa Lights “hover”, combine, sparkle, split into two, flicker up into the sky, or dart fast”. This is the area east of town where they are most often reported.

Although the lights can be seen frequently, it is difficult to know when they will return or if they are even there.

They could be signs of visitors from another planet?

One thing is certain…

Since the lights can be seen in the night sky for 135 year, something is happening. This has made the town well-known among UFO enthusiasts all over the country.

Below you may be able to see a video of an interested onlooker seeing the sighting.

There are many interpretations of the Marfa Lights.

Local scholars have attempted to solve the mystery of Marfa Lights but have not been able to do so.

One possibility is that they could be geological phenomena that are induced by local desert temperature and trapped energie beneath the Earth’s crust that appear as odd, eerily motionless objects.

Under certain conditions, natural phenomena can lighten the Earth’s gases and cause them to glow.

Others believe they were created by the incoming headlights of cars in the distance.

As in any good ghost story, the details can be left up to the observer.

Although there is no evidence, the belief that they are an extraterrestrial vessel that visits or revisits is popular.

It doesn’t matter if the lights are extraterrestrial in origin, they have something strange about them.

David O’Leary is the creator of Project Blue Book TV, a series that uses a legendary treasure trove government UFO papers as a basis. The area was named as one of the top ten places in America to see if he UFO.

You are missing out if you haven’t been to Texas yet to see these amazing lights.

Some people believe they are normal automobile lights. But, the history of sightings seems to support this theory.

“When I was young, these fireballs would dance around my grandfather while he walked to school. One YouTube user stated that “He was born 1910, and my mom was born 1938.”

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