The Lost Ancient City of Atlantis Found In Sahara – It was Hidden in Plain Sight (2 videos)

As we know by now, Plato was the first to ever mention the Lost City of Atlantis. Being one of the most popular tales of all time from our ancient history books, let’s be honest here there is no better theory out there than the one about the ancient hidden city.

The most common theory regarding the whereabouts of the city is the fact that it is located somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean or even in the Mediterranean Sea.

Some have even speculated that it is actually located underneath the ice of Antarctica but we finally have new concrete evidence that showcases the fact that it was actually sunken deep underneath the sands of Sahara all along.

Pictures and even videos of this fact have spread all over the internet all supporting this idea that it is Atlantis, the Lost City that we have been attempting to find for so long, and that it has been hidden underneath the sand for well over a couple of thousands of years now.

Located underneath the Richat structure, or as is more commonly known, the Eye of Sahara, this is by far the closest match that we’ve ever gotten to Plato’s descriptions. Rejoice, my fellow theorists, for we have finally achieved our goal and we have finally found the – no longer lost – the City of Atlantis!



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