It’s Out of Our Understanding – Scientists Can’t Explain These Discoveries

Archeological findings are discovered daily and that’s a fac. But the reality behind it all is that a lot of these simply put cannot be explained from a scientific point of view.

Regardless of how much science likes to bash theorists away and call them loonies and such the truth of the matter is that the explanations they come up with are full of contradiction and holes.

They would rather believe that 100 weakened slaves lifted 50-ton boulders over 100 feet in the air with nothing but pure body strength over them receiving a certain boost in technology from an ancient alien life form civilization.

They would rather believe that those “out of timeline” artifacts are nothing but rocks and stones despite the fact that they are clearly rea. And that they don’t make sense from a timeline point of views such as the 400,000-year-old lightbulbs and toy spaceships. That are well over 6,000 years old by now.

Carvings of alien deities coming to Earth and ruling over us.

Ancient bunkers that signify the existence of nuclear technology over a million years ago, proof of nuclear fallout that melted the ground and turned it all to glass.

Humans self-mutilating their own bodies to resemble the elongated egg-shaped heads of the visitors, etc.

There is simply put too much out there that we don’t know. And simply ignoring them might be science’s way of dealing with it, but we’d rather be believers than liars.

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