Incredible powerful bullet manufacturing process

Absolutely amazed, this is wonderful engineering and a great production process, I would love to see how this all started when self contained cartridge ammunition was first used over 150 years ago. Thanks for this, very interesting without doubt.

Typically, this video only shows an overview of automation at work, without going into the really interesting aspects of the inner workings of the machines

Two ( or maybe more) shown here: ATESCI, the Turkish Machinery Maker ( Red Machines) and Selier & Bellot, the Czech Republic Manufacturer. Back in 1993, I visited the S&B plant at Vlasim, and it was like stepping back into WWII. Since becoming part of CBC Brazil, they have invested in up to date equipment all round. DocAV

That’s a super clean factory . They’re not bullets , they are cartridges , the bullet ( projectile ) is the part that goes down the barrel . Cartridges are made on cleaner equipment than many food manufacturing lines .

Love the video and our state of the art modern machinery and cnc machines. But it saddens me to see how quick and efficient they can make bullets which within its self creates other problems on an equally massive scale. I can only imagine there are knife making machines also.

For all you people wanting to live in a perfect “Star Trek” world remember the “Enterprise” and it’s crew were armed, because there are “bad guys” even in the future.

Hey reloaders……take note here…….in order for these companies to make a finished product, this is what YOU need to do at home. After 40 years in the metal trades and stamping in my own shop, precision and total quality management can be achieved with extremely high tolerance levels by stamping. The stroke is a mechanical positive action set by the crankshaft on the press, very similar to the crankshaft on your car engine. It can NEVER change. These machines are note CNC. They are mechanical.





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