Huge US spy plane carefully prepares for flight at extremely high altitude, no advanced radar can detect

Welcome back to Military Innovation for a feature on the U-2 aerial reconnaissance aircraft, which was built in the 1950s to climb above

60,000ft to avoid detection of competitors. Navy/U.S. Air National Guard, Derivative Work from Daily Aviation Clipart: U.S. Air Force

With other existing technologies such as satellite, drones and stealth air jet.


Would this drone still work?

Can this aircraft be detected and shot down by radar? It must have been very uncomfortable for the pilot to sit in a tight box for days.

You seem misunderstood β€œdetection” and β€œinterference”, no matter how far the great flight level reaches u2 it will of course be detected, another very different history is to stop it.


6:25 F-15C(shown)/D models do not have an oxygen generation system.

It uses a LOX bottle that converts it from a liquid to a breathable gas.

E models, on the other hand, have an oxygen generation system.

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