Grizzly Bear Drags Around A 1,500-Pound Bison With Its Teeth At Yellowstone National Park

If you ever wondered just how strong a grizzly bear is, look no further.

To put things into perspective, the average weight of a male American bison ranges from 1,000 to 2,200 pounds, with females averaging around 790 to 1,200 pounds…

And in this video, you can see a grizzly at Yellowstone National Park claim a dead bull bison with near ease, as it only takes a couple of tugs to flip the carcass completely over so it can feed off of the other side of the massive creature.

In the footage, you can see a number of vultures sitting around the carcass, and obviously, the birds stand zero chance of reclaiming their food from the hungry grizzly bear, but they might have the opportunity to pick at the scraps.

Apparently, the dead bull bison was hit by a vehicle, severely injuring it and resulting in its death.

The caption tells the full story:

“Apparently, the bull bison was hit by a vehicle and injured. He made it across the Yellowstone River and died on the hillside just to the East of the river. This grizzly bear found the carcass and began feeding on it.

In this video, he is flipping the carcass so he could get to the belly area of the animal. It is this part of the animal that the carnivores like to eat first.

This male bison may weigh from 1,000 to 2,000 pounds and this shows the amazing strength of grizzly bear.”

Wild, just imagine what those jaws could do to you…