Did Researchers Discover Giant Skeletons in South America – Peru and Ecuador?

New evidence about the existence of giants come to light, this time in South America, according to researchers. Will this discovery prove the existence of giants that inhabited the Amazonas in the distant past?

In 2014, Dement gathered information from the locals according to whom an extremely strange skeleton has been discovered in Ecuador. The dating carried out on the bones yielded an age of around 600 years. One of the skeletons was about 4 meters high. Dement decided to carry research in order to shed some light on the origins of these skeletons.



According to researches, the skeletons showed no sign of vιoʟᴇɴcᴇ or мuтιʟᴀтιoɴ, indicating that these “giants” being was relatively healthy. There are many Amazonian legends that speak of very tall and pale-skinned beings. The elders described giants as a race of large peaceful Amazonians very welcomed by locals.

Disclaimer: We are responsible to let you know that the above info were not proved, and the images may be altered.

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