Now UFO conspiracists claim ‘alien Black Knight satellite has visited Earth’

A MYTHICAL “alien satellite which has orbited Earth for 13,000 years” has been filmed just above the surface of the planet, UFO conspiracists have claimed.

Does NASA Apollo 10 photo show alien ‘Dark Knight’ satellite?

Alleged video footage of the so-called ‘Black Knight satellite’ moving in the sky above Florida in the US has emerged on YouTube.

It comes a day after reported claims from other alien hunters that the ‘Black Knight satellite’ had been filmed next to the International Space Station, and before that, separately photographed passing the Moon.

YouTube channel Secureteam10 posted the latest alleged footage under the title ‘Mysterious Black Knight Satellite Is REAL! Alien Coverup Uncovered’.


The very shaky footage, said to have been filmed over Jacksonville, Florida, appears to show a black, strange shaped object in a static vertical position, with three smaller black objects flying close by.

The video said a woman resident of the area allegedly sent the footage to Secureteam after filming it after initially thinking it was a kite, before being stunned after realising it clearly was not.

The objects then slowly and mysteriously disappear.

It was quickly branded a “poor computer generated (CGI) fake” by some viewers, although others appeared convinced it was a historical recording of the legendary space object.