Einstein studied Roswell crash UFO & corpses of FIVE aliens, claims assistant who details exactly what…

ALBERT Einstein was given a guided tour of a flying saucer after it crashed at Roswell, it has been claimed.

The iconic physicist – famed for his E = mc2 formula on mass and energy – also got to see an alien autopsy, according to his former assistant.


Famed physicist Albert Einstein was flown to see a flying saucer, his assistant claimsCredit: Getty – Contributor


A UFO is said to have crashed at Roswell in New Mexico in 1947Credit: Reuters

Dr Shirley Wright said she accompanied him on the top-secret trip to the desert in New Mexico, US.

She detailed what they saw in a series of tape recordings made shortly before her death in 2015, and only made public now.

Dr Wright said the alien craft – which reportedly crashed in July 1947 – appeared damaged on one side.

She added: “It was disc shaped, sort of concave. Its size stood up to one fourth of the hangar floor.

“The body of the ship was what I would call today a rather reflective material but when you got up close to it, it was rather dull.

“They were very curious about what the materials were.”

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The spaceship was surrounded by guards, photographers and specialists who were studying it, she claimed.

Einstein studied the UFO’s “propulsion system”, Dr Wright claimed.

She said: “He was not disturbed at all by seeing the actual evidence.

“I didn’t record in my notes his initial comments but he said something to the effect that he was not surprised that they had come to Earth.

“It gave him hope that we could learn more about the universe. Contact, he said, should be a benefit for both of our worlds.”

She said she and Einstein were also shown the corpses of five extraterrestrials.

Dr Wright added: “Some of the specialists were allowed closer looks, including my boss.

“To me they all looked alike all five of them. They were about five feet tall, without hair, with big heads and enormous dark eyes, and their skin was grey with a slight greenish tinge.

“For the most part their bodies were not exposed, being dressed in tight-fitting suits. But I heard they had no navels or genitalia.”


Einstein wrote up a report and Dr Wright, who obtained PhDs in physical chemistry and physical science, was ordered to keep her mouth shut.

She told how she had been chosen from a number of gifted students to work for Einstein at Princeton University during the summer of 1947.

She kept their secret to herself for nearly seven decades but refused to go to the grave with it.

Shortly before her death in 2015, at the age of 85, she agreed to be interviewed by top UFO hunter Sheila Franklin.

The tapes have now been made public for the first time.

German scientist Einstein, renowned for his theory of relativity, had long been a believer in alien life.

In an interview in 1920 he said: “There is every reason to believe that Mars and other planets are inhabited.

“Why should the Earth be the only planet supporting human life? It is not singular in any other respect.”

Brit UFO expert Philip Mantle, 63, said: “Next year will be the 75th anniversary of Roswell and all of those that were involved are now deceased.

“I have long been saying that what UFO researchers now should be looking for are items stored in old cupboards, attics, garages etc, items that have been long since forgotten.”

The so-called Roswell incident has fascinated UFO watchers for more than 70 years.

In May, a negative from a 16mm film claimed to show an alien autopsy sold for £71,000.


Footage – since debunked – claims to show an alien autopsy at Roswell in 1947


German scientist Einstein was then a professor at Princeton in New