Mysterious Object Appears On An Australian Beach And Nobody Knows Whas Tis It.

The mysterious object seemed to be embedded in the sand underwater. It was large, about 1.2 meters wide, mostly of metal, with radial pieces and too heavy for sea currents to have moved. The circular metal object was removed from the waters by an excavator in September, and was much larger than originally thought. And there the thing remained, since until today nobody knows or does not want to inform about its true origin.



An unidentified object mystery has been found stranded on a beach on the north coast of Australia last week. Ken Miles was on the beach of Airforce Beach at 10 in the morning when he encountered a “strange thing.”“I haven’t seen anything like it before,” Miles told the Australian newspaper The Northern Star.



So far nobody knows what is the origin of this mysterious object, which has caused numerous conspiracy theories. Some have suggested that it may be the remains of an extraterrestrial UFO, since apparently in that area of ​​the north coast of Australia there are usually a lot of sightings of strange ships entering and leaving the water, which could indicate that there is a secret alien base. While others believe it may be some kind of weapon to control the destructive power of the oceans. Who knows.