Ancient and Unexplained Temple Was Recently Found in Turkey

The Gobekli Tepe Temple, as you may have already heard, is one of the most visited temples in Turkey.

We don’t disagree with the architectural beauty of it, but we must admit that it is quite sad that another temple was discovered in the area that deserves some attention.


Fact is, the Norsun Tepe Temple is much older than the Gobekli Tepe Temple and is far larger.

It is very similar structurally speaking to Waffle Rock as many have already stated, but it’s even more ancient than that too. What’s really strange about it though is the fact that as soon as archaeologists came across it reports claimed that someone must have intentionally caused the nearby barrage to break down completely submerging the temple underwater.

The water was dispersed and the barrage was rebuilt. However, the experts quickly entered the temple. It was too late because it was already rid of all artifacts. This is quite bizarre, to put it mildly. They would not risk it all to keep the contents secret. What could be inside that would justify such a drastic reaction?


Who would have thought this could be possible? These were all questions that were raised as soon as the submerging incident was reported. Unfortunately, we won’t ever get answers to these questions.