Abandoned And Helpless Dog Lay Motionless In A Cold Ditch For Days, Front Of All People And no one helps

Meet Açucena! One of the worst cases of beast neglect in history, the poor canine was lying in the middle of the road in front of all people, and according to her miserable condition, she was there for a long time. It’s puzzling that the atrocity of mortal beings to this degree, writes xaga

“ I ’m not one to cry fluently, but this girl made me cry a lot. I felt a stitch in my soul when I saw her lying in the gutter, under the hot sun. She slept in the gutter because there was nowhere to sleep. ” Said the Abrigo Au Family levy who set up her.

She was dying with a rough body, infected skin. She got spooked and ran down But a warmth from the kind levy, she stopped. She was feeling veritably surprised by that.



So numerous shops, so numerous people passing by no bone

stopped to help her. How could they pretend she was n’t there? How can they ignore all that suffering?



“ I feel so helpless in the face of so important apathy, wrong, neglect, lack of plutocrat But indeed so I did n’t have the courage to move on and leave her alone. ” The levy stated.

“ I do n’t know, We believe she’ll be fine. And I ’m glad to see her reply. She ’ll noway go empty again, she wo n’t sleep outdoors, wo n’t get caught in the rain I named it Açucena! ”



With everyone’s help, she went to the sanitarium, doing tests. It’s an old, suffering beast, carrying all the pain of abandonment. She also had an enlarged liver and spleen. Açucena will suffer a course of treatment for at least another 30 days. Açucena is veritably sick, she does n’t want to get up, does n’t want to eat.



20 day latterly, stagers have come a long way Açucena has made great progress.



After further than a month, Açucena has changed wonderfully, she deserves to start a new life with a happy life. Does anyone still fete this girl! Açucena.


A beautiful, sweet girl.

Thank you Abrigo Au Family for helping this angel!