Watch: Huskies’ heartwarming reaction upon meeting their newborn sister is incredibly touching.

Huskies are known for their hulking frames and strong pack instinct.

And some might think this would make them a danger to a defenceless newborn.

But adorable footage from a family in Manchester shows internet sensation Millie the husky gently nuzzling the newest arrival to her family – a tiny baby boy.

Millie stares deep in to the boy’s eyes while her owner and the mother of the child slowly strokes her snout and head.

The charming hound then turns to look at the camera before resting its snout on the newborn’s legs and gently nuzzling her face.

The baby boy is held in the lap of his mother who is seen wearing a sweet Christmas jumper featuring two penguins.

Adorable Millie the husky from Manchester is seen greeting the newest arrival to her family, a tiny baby boy dressed in a pale blue onesie

Her huge, round eyes make clear her affection for the newborn as she gently rests her snout on the baby’s chest

When the baby is removed from the dog’s reach she looks heartbroken and pushes her pointed ears back in alarm.

Millie seems shocked that she is no longer allowed to nuzzle her new brother.

But within seconds the baby is returned to her and she settles, comfortable in the knowledge she can protect the family’s newest arrival.

Millie is quite the internet sensation with 368k followers on Instagram and more than 147,000 followers on Facebook.

Alarmed Millie turns to face the camera after the baby is moved out of her reach. However, seconds later the baby is returned and she settles

Her posts on Instagram garner hundreds of comments from fans across the world.

Millie stars with her ‘husky brother’ Rupert and is known for being high affectionate and a bit of an attention seeker.

Huskies are a protective breed with a strong pack instinct. This makes them highly protective, especially of their young.