Viral Video of ‘Aliens’ Sighting Baffles and Intrigues Viewers Worldwide. Unexplained Footage Sparks Intense Speculation and Controversy

What are they?

Aliens, UFOs, extraterrestrial objects have always attracted astronauts as well as commoners.


It may give you goosebumps, but social media is abuzz with a video that shows mysterious creatures with huge eyes. Well, before you jump on any conclusion and tout them as aliens, here’s a truth-  the creatures are not any extraterrestrial beings but an eastern barn owl.

The video which is going viral has been shot in the year 2017 and was resurfaced on Twitter after it was shared by Daniel Holland. As per Holland, this video can help to explain the truth behind alien spotting.

“I’m now positive that people who claim to have seen aliens have actually just seen baby owls,” Holland wrote while sharing the video.