Video: Man Finds Two Bald Eagles In The Middle Of Brutal Fight To The Death

Obvious joke about the division of America aside, that has to be some of the craziest stuff ever.

These are two of the world’s most powerful birds, known for their incredible eyesight and powerful strike.

Bald eagles are one of the largest birds of prey in North America. They have a wingspan that can be over 6 feet and they can weigh up to 14 pounds. And females tend to be larger than males.

Carnivorous by nature, their diet consists primarily of fish, although they will also eat smaller birds, mammals and reptiles.

Bald eagles are known for their aggressive behavior, particularly during mating season when they will defend their territory and their mate. They are monogamous and will mate for life and they will fiercely defend their nest and their partner from other birds, and sometimes, even bears who are looking to snack on their eggs and eaglets.

When two bald eagles get in a fight it is usually over territory or food. During the fight, they will lock talons and spin through the air, falling towards the ground. They will also wrestle on the ground with their talons locked onto each other.

This man came across the craziest thing when walking through the woods.

A pair of bald eagles were locked up on the ground in the middle of a wild battle somewhere in British Columbia, Canada. The eagle on top has its whole white head coated in blood.

According to the description, the man planned to try and get the birds apart, but that’s a reality of nature. It is brutal out there and it’s probably best to just let nature take its course.

“I thought I would share another of these two big boys going at it.

It took a while to get them separated… it was obviously not going to end well for one of them.”

In another video, the man behind the camera reveals that they eventually separated, with one doing better than the other.

“This doesn’t happen everyday! Two bald eagles locked up in an epic battle.

They were going at it for a while, when they finally separated the one in good shape and flew away, the other is down by our pond recovering.”