VIDEO: Heartwarming reunion: mother dog’s overwhelming emotion as she reunites with her 9 stolen puppies

It is impossible to understand how someone could be so cruel as to throw puppies into the street. But unfortunately, it happens every day, all over the world. Just like it happened to these nine black, white and brown babies.

Mama Dog Reunited with her Stolen Puppies... She is Crying from Happiness

Nine puppies were discovered next to a road. Fortunately, rescuers noticed the cubs and stopped to feed them. They couldn’t take the dogs because their shelter was overcrowded, but they built a small tent for them in hopes they could do more to help soon.

The next day, when they returned to feed the puppies, one of them was alone. He looked so sad that it touched their hearts and they took him to the vet. The puppy was sick and had a stomachache, probably from something he had eaten near the road.

It is heartbreaking to see him suffer and know that he does not have a family that loves him. But the rescuers are not giving up. They come back, take pictures of the puppies and post them on Instagram. They soon receive an answer, but it is not what they expected.

People who approached recognized the puppies and when they met the rescuers at the landfill, the puppies obviously knew the family. They said a stray dog ​​had given birth in their garden. They cared for the homeless mother and babies for a month and a half, but then something terrible happened.

Happily they were reunited with the puppies. One by one, they managed to patiently catch them to take them home. Once there, her mother saw her little puppies for the first time and they had the sweetest reunion.

Their sweet reunion is so adorable and soon mom was happily receiving human love too. From traumatized dogs to a happy family, dogs are now loved. You can’t help but smile when you see them all together again.

We hope you enjoyed her sweet story. The puppies are very lucky that each had a happy ending and were found that day and then put up for adoption to loving homes. Please share their amazing adventure with your friends.