Unexpected Companionship: The Story of a Dad and the Dog He Never Wanted

Dad said there was no way were they getting a dog. It wasn’t happening…But guess who caved and got even more than he bargained for?

The family wanted a dog, but Dad said “no.” He didn’t want a dog. In fact, he said, “No way.” He made it crystal clear; he was opposed to getting a dog.

But then came doggo…

And, now Dad has a new best friend.

Dad loves his new buddy, a Golden retriever named Sterling. And who can blame him? The dog is adorable, cuddly, and super cute. Now the two of them are inseparable and it’s no surprise because Sterling is irresistible.

Sterling and Dad love to cuddle. Sterling will even climb up on the chair so that he can wedge onto his dad’s lap. It doesn’t matter that Sterling is bigger than Dad, if he fits, he sits. He is definitely a daddy’s boy.

But they do much more than cuddle. They love to play together. They spend endless hours chillaxing outside. It’s safe to say, Sterling truly is Dad’s best friend and the two of them are head over heels in love with each other.

Sterling adores his Dad so much that he follows him everywhere. He always wants to be by his dad’s side sharing the good times and the bad.

But most of all, they love just hanging out together and being pals. They go on lots of adventures, too. They’ve even traveled to a lot of fun destinations like Maine, Niagara Falls, and the beach. They even ride together on public transportation because Sterling is such a good boy.

It really doesn’t matter where they go, as long as they are together. Sterling is just as happy laying on the floor next to his Dad and he is rolling in the grass or going swimming at the beach. He’s just happy his dad lets him go along and that makes his Dad happy, too.

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