Touching moment: TIL when “The Elephant Whisperer”, passed away. Herd Of Elephants travelled to his house and stood around for two days, and then dispersed.

By. MaheshThis incident happened years ago when Lawrence Anthony, a conservationist, and writer called “The Elephant Whisperer”, died. Though uninformed of the occurrence, a herd of wild elephants, who were traveling to his house in the South African state of Kwazulu-Natal, helped rescue and rehabilitation after his death. They stood around the house for two days in an apparent vigil, then scattered. According to Graham Spence, the brother-in-law of Anthony and co-author of the three books, today the elephants are “completely wild and doing fine.”

His son Dylan Anthony continues his dad’s work through the Earth Organization that Lawrence created in 1998 in Thula, the reservation where Anthony lived, and where the elephants now dwell. In a remote town named Camperdown outside Durban, South Africa, Dylan is also carrying the legacy of his dad.Now let us look at some pictures of the herd that came by to pay their respect.The elephants in different sections of the park traveled for 12 hours to approach his house when Anthony died of a heart attack. The two herds arrived immediately after Anthony’s death, according to his son Jason.

After exactly one year, this heard Marched to the Anthony residence to pay their respects.

Nana brought two herds of elephants to the residence of Lawrence on a 12-hour journey to pay respect. They stayed two full days outside the house as they stood alert before they returned to life.

This is an incident that is unexplainable by science. Elephants are recognized for their grievous rituals, both in nature and in captivity, yet it is hard to understand how they may have felt that Anthony was dead. Elephants grumble about their relatives’ deaths, such when a child or parent dies. According to several researchers.

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