Today, Dragon’s Triangle, an alien base, vanished and sank to the bottom of the sea

An alien base called the Dragon’s Triangle has disappeared, plunging our hearts into sadness and curiosity.

If you like the Bermuda Triangle story, you will also enjoy the Dragon’s Triangle story, as the two are quite similar.

It’s 60 miles south of tokyo, but it’s not a good idea to go fishing nearby because thousands of people have already disappeared.

For example, when the Mongol Emperor Kublai Khan attempted to seize the coasts of Japan in the 13th century AD, he was defeated at sea, losing over a thousand ships and 40,000 warriors before he even reached

this event was documented because it was one of Kublai Khan’s first defeats and severely damaged his mighty fleet.

Many weather variations have also been documented here, leading the Japanese to speculate that the Mongols had been suffocated by a celestial wind.

Some believe it to be the location of the ancient lost city of Atlantis, as its curse still holds, luring anyone who approaches it into the depths of the ocean.

Others say it is the lair of a dragon, hence the nickname “dragon’s triangle”.

Another mythology that supports this idea is the story of Utsuro-Bune.

the ship’s windows were round in shape.

the pale, red-haired lady spoke in an unusual language and dressed in an equally unusual way.

the following year, Utsuro-Bune, as he was known, was traveling along the Japanese coast.