Sweet Dog Wants to Kiss Mom’s Pregnant Belly Too

When it comes to fathering duties it appears that this dog wants to be involved in every moment. When he sees his dad giving kisses to the baby (mom’s pregnant belly) he gets upset and looks away for a few seconds and whines as if he’s thinking, “hey, that’s my job.” That’s when he makes up his mind to show his mom he can look after the baby too!

Mom, who filmed the video, revealed, “Dog gets jealous and wants to give kisses to the baby in my belly when he sees dad giving kisses to the baby.”

Viewers thought what the dog does is absolutely adorable. “That is the sweetest thing I’ve seen all day,” wrote one viewer. Another said, “So cute that actually made me tear up.”

It’s clear the dog is getting an early start on being best doggie “dad” to his new little human.