Shocking Surprise: Puppy Born with Rare Green Pigment in His Fur Astonishes His Family. A Dramatic Twist in Nature’s Palette Leaves Everyone in Awe

If the birth of a puppy alone causes enormous tenderness, imagine it being born in an unexpected color. That’s what happened when a bulldog gave birth to a green-furred dog.


Trevor Mosher and Audra Rhys are a couple and live in Nova Scotia, Canada, they have always loved animals. They have Freya, a three-year-old Bulldog who was pregnant, and as usual, they were more careful than ever about her condition.

Trevor Mosher and Audra Rhys’ Bulldog was sweetly waiting

When they performed the ultrasound, in one of her several prenatal check-ups, the veterinarian told them that it was a litter of eight puppies. And so soon the expected delivery arrived, she had his puppies, all beautiful and healthy.

After the first six dogs came out, the exhausted mother sat down to rest a little, and that’s when Fiona arrived.

She was born surrounded by a black coat, at first glance totally different from the translucent ones in which her little brothers had come.

When puppy number seven was born, everyone stared at him in amazement.

This puppy caught attention, it was a female covered in a green color that impressed everyone who saw her. Naturally, the human parents were surprised and wanted to know if this had happened before elsewhere.

“We started drying it and noticed that it was green and immediately thought something was wrong.

“So we Googled ‘my puppy is green, what’s wrong,’ and apparently it’s a very rare thing that has happened a few times in the world,” said the loving human father.

They decided to give her a name that suited the puppy’s personality and they thought that Fiona, in honor of the princess from the movie Shrek, was the most appropriate.

The green coloring is due to a pigment that comes into contact when the puppy is in the mother’s womb.

According to some research, on rare occasions some dogs are born green because they have contact, while in the womb, with a pigment of that color found in bile, known as biliverdin.

This pigment dyes the puppy’s fur before it is born and the color becomes more nuanced over the days until it ends up disappearing completely after the puppy enters the world.

In fact, Rhys informed a magazine that Fiona is already starting to lose her deep green coloring.

“It is already starting to lose its strange coloration and is now a light lime green,” concluded the proud father.

The couple would have loved Fiona to stay dyed green forever. Nothing more fun and unusual than imagining her seeing her when she grew up running through the park next to six siblings and her normal-colored mother, and she was happy and proud with her green fur.

“I wish the color stayed, that would be really cool!” Trevor said.

This is how this family increased in puppies and love, they only hope that they remain healthy and beautiful to enjoy them and shower them with love and cuddles.

What is a fact is that fun is never lacking at home; on one side and on the other a puppy jumps, brightening everyone’s life. There is no time to get bored.

Fiona is the darling of the house

And although Fiona is no longer green, they still love her as always, since she came into her life to change it.

There is no doubt, nature is surprising and incredible beings like the beautiful Fiona always come into the world. Let’s not stop celebrating the miracle of life!