Peru’s Enigmatic Findings Spark Debates: Undeniable Evidence of Extraterrestrial Contact or Mysterious Phenomena?

Did extra-terrestrial beings visit Earth in ancient times? There is quite a body of evidence that shows it might be true.

About 500 km south of Lima, Peru, you can see strange skulls, mummies, geoglyphs and other artifacts that may be evidence that aliens not only visited earth but could even have interbred with humans.

Elongated Skulls: One of the museum’s most important exhibits is an elongated skull that is very different from human skulls.

Analysis of the skull did not show any signs of it having been distorted artificially (it had not been bound), but scientists were able to determine that the bone was 2,000 years old. Another skull has remains of reddish color hair – very different from the local indigenous population.

Atlantean Mummies?

More reddish-blonde hair can be found on mummies in the Ica Regional Museum, about an hour’s drive South of Paracas, on the road that leads to Nazca. The mummies are in a squatting position, and are dressed in unusual clothing.

One possible explanation is offered by David Hatcher Childress in his book “Lost Cities and Ancient Mysteries of South America.” He suggested that the distinctive woven turbans and exotic shoes the mummies are wearing came from Atlantis.

Nazca Lines

Continue Southeast from the city of Ica and you’ll come to Nazca, made famous by the archaeologist Maria Reiche, who spent decades researching the mysterious formations in the Peruvian desert. In 1994 the Nazca Lines were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The stylized designs, known as geoglyphs, resemble a spider, hummingbird, condor, whale, pelican, dog, monkey, tree, human hands, and more. Although they were created at least 2,000 years ago, they are best seen from high in the air above ground level – as if by passengers in flying machines.

ET Rock Carving

One more clue that points towards ancient extra-terrestrial beings having visited Peru is a rock carving that can be seen in the Palapa Valley, a short drive north of Nazca. The area is known as Chicchitara, and it contains an impressive gallery of rock carvings, or petroglyphs. One of them is especially noteworthy. It’s a humanoid figure with only three-fingers on its hands, and it was recently spotlighted in an episode of the “Ancient Aliens” television series.

Did Extra-terrestrial beings visit Peru during ancient times?  Not only did Shirley Maclaine believe they did, she also maintained they are still coming back during current times, as referenced in her book “Out on a Limb.”

Another believer in contemporary ETs is Anton Ponce de Leon Paiva, author of “The Wisdom of the Ancient One: An Inca Initiation and In Search of the Wise One: A Sacred Journey. In addition to being an author and international speaker, Anton is also an ancient wisdom keeper, and much more. It has been reported that hanging on the wall in Anton’s library/study is a framed photograph of an actual, living extra-terrestrial being.