Motorcyclist Gets Attacked By A Deer, Ends Up Wrestling It In The Street

Motorbikes are already dangerous enough.

We don’t need to add fighting deer as another degree of danger to the ride.

Red deer are a larger species of deer with adult males, known as stags, weighing in at up to 500 pounds and standing up to five feet tall at the shoulder. They have distinctive antlers that are typically shed each year, with the size and shape varying depending on the age and health of the individual. Red deer have a reddish-brown coat in the summer that turns to a grayish-brown in the winter.

Red deer are not typically aggressive towards humans, there have been rare instances of attacks, usually during mating season. During this time, stags can become highly territorial and may perceive humans as a threat to their breeding. If a red deer perceives a human as a threat, they could charge and attack with their antlers.

This deer, located in China, seems to possibly be a Sichuan deer (a subspecies in the red deer family) and is seen standing next to a guy and his bike, when out of nowhere it just loses it.

The deer tries jabbing the man and his bike with his antlers, the man controls them with his hands.

The deer turns and charges another guy, then circles back and runs full tilt towards the first man. The deer hits the man and knocks him and his motorbike down. The deer keeps pushing and the man has no choice but to fight back.

The video ends with the man latched onto the deer’s antlers, forcing its head down so he doesn’t get jabbed. His friends move all of the bikes as he hangs on for the wild ride.

That’s something you never would expect while out for a ride.