Heartwarming Moment: Woman Rescues Injured Baby Owl and Experiences the Most Magical ‘Disney Moment’ of Her Life

Millions of animals are victims every day of the contempt of some, of diseases, of hunger and of being run over. So even if you can’t adopt a new friend, helping them stay healthy and find a home can make a difference.

Nikki Robinson was packing her belongings, about to return home after a walk. Suddenly, she noticed a cat unsuspectingly crossing the street towards a residential area. Immediately, the woman followed him, worried that he would not be hit by a car.

While the environmentalist was following the feline’s footsteps, another noise caught her attention. It was another animal in danger, a small baby owl, too young to fly, and who had fallen to the ground from the top of her nest, leaving herself seriously injured.

Robinson busily searched for the owl’s home with no positive results. The little bird was trembling with fear and cold, so the woman wrapped it in a towel. Additionally, she appeared to have a serious head injury.

Robinson turned on the seat heater in his car and placed the owl on top, hoping to warm it up a bit and stop it from shivering. But, not only was he cold, but it was more than evident to Robinson that what he needed most was love and attention.

Robinson moved the baby owl to a rehabilitation center and, after an entire night in an incubator, his health began to improve noticeably.

Have you ever fallen in love with a little animal left alone on the street? Did you see a sick puppy, or did a hungry dog ​​start following you? Did you find a kitten suffering? Did you want to help him and didn’t know how to do it? So, this story is for you and your loved ones. Tell us yours.