Heartwarming Farewell: Dog and Elephant Share Last Moments Together, Showing the Power of Friendship Beyond Species

The rest have no reason not to relate, specifically if they originate from tight spots. They appear to realize that they have actually suffered somehow and quickly create links.

Pancake is a very loving dog. He was rescued from the streets 3 years earlier and taken to an elephant shelter.

When Katherine Connor, founder, and CEO of BLES found out about Pancake, she embraced her and took her to the sanctuary. Where she has actually adapted very well, in spite of not being even remotely elephant-like, and of course she is aware of everything.

Actually, it is not uncommon for various other BLES animals to get associated with the vital points that happen or are about to happen.

Five years earlier, she was rescued from a camp where she was required to bring tourists on her back. And because of this her spine suffered a great deal of damages and was about to damage. Fortunately, he came to BLES at the age of 60. Where he had the ability to lead a life of peace and learn to understand the things he liked.

When she arrived she was totally tired, but the environment made her learn more about and have a new life.

Boon Band, upon her arrival, made a connection with another elderly elephant called Sao Noi, that died two years ago. When Sao Noi was about to die, Boon Thong accompanied her, standing beside her and stroking her with his trunk to allow her know she was come with.

This moment it was Boon Thong’s look to say goodbye to the underworld, but she was not alone either.

Pancake noticed that something was up, and when she saw that Boon Thong was really feeling ill, she remained by his side. She simply maintained her company, but there was nothing to make her leave her alone, Katherine and Pancake lastly gave themselves the task of accompanying her in her last days.

An extremely exciting task, but one that certainly made Boon Band feel honored.

On Boon Thong’s last day, Pancake and Katherine remained by his side for nine hours.

” Pancake, with that beautiful heart, did not leave Katherine or Boon Thong alone once. She knew it was required, to offer assistance. And she remained silent with the elephant, until sunset, until the last encouragement”. These were the words that BLES officials wrote on their social networks.

As a tribute, her grave was full of fruits and flowers. In addition, her body will certainly relax next to the body of her good friend Saint Noi, and in the place where she can finally be happy and lead a full life.

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