Celebrating a Lifetime of Love: Shelter’s Oldest Chihuahua Receives Heartwarming Surprise Party for His 23rd Birthday

Since this Chihuahua came into this world, he has already seen the presidential mandates in his country change five times, the debut of social networks and numerous historical episodes. His name is Bully, a furry dog ​​who reached a milestone in the history of his breed when he turned 23 and, as expected, his caregivers could not let the date go unnoticed.

Although he now looks quite gray in his coat, Bully was a brown Chihuahua who shared the best years of his life with his family.

The dog lasted 21 years with an elderly couple who loved him like their greatest treasure, but those attentions disappeared when the grandparents left this world.

Fortunately, the angels of The Mr. Mo Project found out about the case. It was Chris Hughes and his wife, who for a few years have managed the dog shelter aimed at older dogs.

The Chihuahua’s old family described him as: “a big dog in the body of a small dog,” and that seems to have faded over the years since Bully is a tough little dog.

After those afternoons of rough play with the other members of the house, Bully claims his right to a good nap.

This is how the Chihuahua usually spends his days, because despite his age he still maintains a balance between his energies. And in order to celebrate his proud spirit, the family decided that they would give Bully all the things he liked most on his day.

Since diet is now a complicated issue with this Chihuahua who almost no longer has any teeth, the family decided to buy him some soft cookies as snacks for his birthday.

For Hughes and his wife, it is vital that joy and love reign in the shelter, which is why they try to applaud even the small details.

This Chihuahua suffers from heart disease, so it was also important for the family to celebrate that he is still with them in this world and clinging to life. No one knows how much more time they can spend on earth, but in the meantime they are in charge of enjoying it and making it truly happy.