At the Indianapolis airport, a moving scene unfolds as a loyal dog stands guard over his exhausted fellow soldier. A dramatic testament to unwavering devotion and sacrifice captivates viewers

There are animals that steal our breath with their loyalty and without a doubt the dog in this story is one of them.

A military dog protects a soldier as he sleeps in the airport : r/pics

This is a German shepherd who, in addition to being a good companion, is an excellent guard, and he starred in a moment inside an airport that has become ⱱігаɩ, and earned him countless good wishes.


At an airport in the United States, a group of soldiers were patiently waiting for their flight that had apparently been delayed. The men wore their uniforms but there was one of them in particular who had a ball of hair very attentive to their movements.

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That was his guard dog, the dog was wagging his tail and trying to play with the soldier but he was tired and had no energy to play.

In fact, there was a time when man did not resist and did something not advisable in these places.

The soldier threw his luggage on the ground, took out a blanket and formed a kind of mattress to lie on. Although it wasn’t the most comfortable bed, it would at least help him stretch his muscles for a while. The man lay down and within minutes sleep had overcome him.

But the most tender and at the same time funny thing about it was the moment when the dog considered that hugging dad was the best way to protect him. The shepherd circled the man a couple of times, before stealthily pounced on his back. From that height, the furry man ensured that the floor was well protected.

As expected, the scene moved and amused many in the room. Not only the man who photographed the scene took out his phone, but also other passengers who were touched by the dog’s attitude.

This couple remained in that position for a long time, the dog did not move until its owner reacted from the deep sleep he had fallen into due to accumulated fatigue.

At the end of the day, all the passengers who came across the scene took away a great moral: in short, the dog is man’s best friend. And although this is an open truth, it is surprising that many people forget it and end up violating the integrity of these creatures.