Alligator Takes Out Massive Python In The Florida Everglades


This is what nightmares are made of. These are two of the most notorious creatures in Florida, and that’s saying something.

The Everglades is some cool wildlife, including two species that have gained fame from people around the world, the alligators and pythons. These reptiles are known for their impressive size and strength and their interactions are that of legend.

Alligators are native to the southeastern United States and are known for their powerful jaws and tough hides. They are apex predators, feeding on a variety of prey including fish, birds, and mammals. Alligators can grow to be over 14 feet in length and weigh over 1,000 pounds.

Pythons are not native to the Everglades, but have become established in the area due to the pet trade and release of captive individuals. Pythons are known for their impressive size and strength and are able to constrict their prey. They can grow to be over 20 feet in length and weigh over 200 pounds with the girth of a telephone pole.

In recent years, alligators have been observed consuming pythons in the Everglades, showing the adaptations of these two species living together. Alligators use their powerful jaws that allow them to overpower and crush the pythons. They also have very fast burst of speed allowing them to surprise a python and get the advantage on it.

This photographer came across a massive alligator with the massive snake locked in its jaws. The alligator can be seen manhandling the snake, using its strong head to literally throw it around.

The man watches in absolute amazement as the gator starts to swallow down his impressive catch.

Those everglades are about as wild as it gets…