Against All Odds: Wendy Broom and Her Family Rescued a Terrified, Hairless Puppy from Certain Death on the Streets. Can This Frail Creature Overcome Its Heartbreaking Past?

When Wendy Broom and her family discovered a tiny, stray puppy on the streets, they knew they couldn’t leave her to die. The poor puppy was scared and hairless and visibly underweight.

Broom helped catch the tiny puppy and get her to safety, and she shared about it on TikTok:

In an interview with The Dodo, Broom explained:

“I had a little box, [and] I put a blanket in it. And [the puppy] immediately went and curled right up in it.”

Broom immediately drove the puppy, who she named Taylor, to the vet.

Broom shared that the dog had “severe mange” and worms.

She had to have medicated baths and was put on antibiotics for her medical conditions.

She also had an issue with her front paw that required her to be in a splint for two weeks.

After some time, Taylor started to perk up and become playful. She slowly put on some weight and began to act like a puppy!

She wasn’t out of the woods yet, but she was recovering and that was the most important part. When Broom first rescued Taylor from the street, she wasn’t sure if the puppy would survive at all.


It’s been around two years since Taylor was rescued, and she’s transformed into a whole new dog! She’s grown and is hardly recognizeable from the tiny hairless pup they found her as.

Now, she’s got a beautiful brindle coat and a shining personality.