After waiting in the same spot near the road for four years, the dog was finally reunited with his family.

A loyal dog in Thailand waited at the same spot, for four years, for his owners after jumping out of their car at a nearby petrol station and getting lost.

In a touching story that demonstrates the power of social media, the dog, originally named BonBon, was recently reunited with his grateful owners.

However, in a twist on the traditional fairy-tale ending, it appears the canine, who locals have named Leo, has grown a taste for life on the road.

Despite a happy wag, when he saw one of his old owners for the first time in four years, the dog has refused to leave his road-side spot.

BonBon’s story was first made public when pictures and a video were shared on Facebook

BonBon’s heartwarming story was first made public when pictures and a video of the shaggy, long-haired canine were shared on Facebook.

Thai man, Anuchit Uncharoen, had seen the dog on the side of the road in the Mueang District, in the south of Thailand in September.

The dog, who had a skin condition and appeared very thin, was being fed by one of  the local residents, Saowalak Pinnuchawet.

When he spoke to the woman, he discovered the dog, who locals had named Leo, had been faithfully waiting at the same spot for four years.

Local residents have been feeding the dog who despite one woman’s attempts to rehome him appeared determined to return to his roadside spot

According to local media reports Ms Pinnuchawet had tried to take the dog home, but just days later he escaped and returned to his post at the side of the road.

And so she decided to let him roam free and bring the food to him instead.

Then, last month, someone got in touch with Mr Unchareon asking to see the dog he had posted about online.


The dog had escaped from his owners’ car in February 2015. They spent a week looking for him but were unable to find him and decided he must have been stolen, or had died

Day in and day out the dog could be seen waiting by the side of the road for years after he got lost in February 2015

Believing his dog had died or been stolen, Noi was happy to be greeted by a tail-wagging BonBon.

Noi said, BonBon had jumped out of the car when they had stopped at a petrol station in early 2015, and despite their week-long efforts to look for him he was nowhere to be found.

However, despite the happy reunion, it seemed BonBon was quite content in his new home and would not return with his former owner.

As a result they have decided to leave the dog in the spot he now calls home, with Ms Pinnuchawet and other locals promising to feed him everyday and Noi pledging to visit regularly.