“A small puppy, unable to move due to paralysis, drags herself along the street, imploring for assistance, while bystanders record her without offering aid.”

This tiny soul was discovered dragging in a pagoda. She was in pretty terrible shape. She was extremely thin, dehydrated, and anemic. There is telling that she has been bitten by a huge dog but no one wanted to help.

He suffered from the dog-bite wounds alone. He didn’t have appropriate food or water. He had suffered the discomfort and was unable to walk. Rescuers came after a 911 and were able to help her.

Wonder how she has survived her own? How much she has suffered? She was brought to Talingchan Veterinary Hospital. She had suffered from severe dog-bite wounds. Her back legs and spine were fractured.

She could be not able to walk again forever. The vets did their utmost to help her. She will continue her recuperation in her loving sanctuary and see the doctor every two weeks.

We pray for this precious soul to run again naturally. We’re very appreciative to everyone involved in rescuing this little darling. Keep her in your prayers and offer her your love.

Don’t go without sharing her inspiring story. Hopefully, it reaches someone interested in adopting this precious soul.