A New Dawn: Rescued Circus Lions Feel Grass Beneath Their Paws for the First Time After 8 Long Years in a Cage

This organization has actually shared their resources with other animal campaigning for groups and included themselves in a number of animal saves. Among their worldwide campaigns was called Stop Circus Suffering, and it urged the federal government to close down circuses that use animals.

Be prepared to be heartbroken for these two lions they freed from a circus in Guatemala.

ADI went to a circus in Guatemala in pursuit of freeing 9 tigers and 2 lions. Jan and Tim, the head of state and the vice-president of ADI, existed on the field to see the animals on their own. The moment they saw the animals, they were saddened to see their current state, especially Tarzan and Tanya, the two lions in the circus.

Upon taking a look at Tarzan, they noticed that his lower lip was hanging. Somebody at the circus told them that Tarzan fought a tiger and the brave lioness Tanya protected him.

” Tanya’s rather tiny however she battled her heart out,” Jan said.

Tanya and Tarzan were locked up in a small cage for the majority of their lives. ADI knew that these animals have gone through enough suffering and they were determined to free them from it.

ADI helps their rescue animals get healthy before transferring them to a bigger home.

With ADI’s objective in mind, they rescue the animals from circuses and recover these animals initially prior to setting them totally free in a much bigger house. A day after the rescue, they tried allowing the big cats stroll on the grass.

Finally, a place where the animals might spend the rest of their lives in tranquility.

It was time for them to be transferred to ADI’s shelter in South Africa. It was certainly a lengthy journey as they had to quit four times before reaching the location. During the long hrs of flight, Tim, Jan, et cetera of the crew did their finest to keep the animals calm.

Finally, they reached their destination and gradually introduced the animals to their brand-new house.

ADI made sure to keep Tarzan and Tanya inside the same enclosure because, with Tanya by Tarzan’s side, there was absolutely nothing for them to worry about.

Thanks to ADI, Tarzan and Tanya now have a wonderful place to call home. To learn more about these lions, have a look at the video clip listed below!