21 Adult Dogs and 7 Pups Defend Impala Carcass Against Voracious Scavengers. Stunning Photos Capture the Fierce Battle as Wild Dogs and Ravenous Hyenas Clash Over a Meal

Some 21 adult dogs and seven pups were forced to defend an impala carcass after the hungry scavengers challenged for the meal

These incredible photos show what happened when a pack of wild dogs went head-to-head with ravenous hyenas over dinner.

Teamwork: The dogs carried out a coordinated attack on the impala

Alistair said: “A few hyenas had been following the dogs the entire morning but had kept their distance.

Carnage: The scavengers fought savagely over the impala carcass

“The dogs pursued the impala to complete exhaustion. They then surrounded it and moved in for the kill.

Chase: A hyena flees from the protective Kanga Pack

Alistair said: “After eating their fill, the adult dogs moved a little way from the kill and lay down to rest as the pups continued to feed.

Wild dogs chase a hungry hyena away from their kill at Mana Pools National Park in Zimbabwe (Image: Barcroft)1 of 8

The dogs, known as the Kanga Pack, were in no mood for sharing their kill (Image: Barcroft)2 of 8

The dogs carried out a coordinated attack on the impala (Image: Barcroft)3 of 8

The hyenas clearly have other ideas (Image: Barcroft)4 of 8

The amazing images were captured by photographer Alistair Swartz (Image: Barcroft)5 of 8

Fights over food between hyenas and wild dogs are common (Image: Barcroft)6 of 8

A hungry hyena moves in to swipe meat from a dog pup (Image: Barcroft)7 of 8

A hyena gets chased about by the vicious pack