Using satellite images, the Nephilim Giant was discovered in the Patagonian Mountains.

Have you ever wondered why there are so many myths and legends on the world involving giants? Is it possible…



Have you ever wondered why there are so many myths and legends on the world involving giants?

Is it possible that this “Society of Giant People” inhabits beneath cities while still having access to distant places above ground, such the Patagonian Mountains, which are located at the southernmost tip of the continent and are shared by Argentina and Chile?

When Ferdinand Magellan and his crew first learned about these enigmatic beings, sometimes called as patagones or patagonian giants, they were exploring the South American coastline on their route to round the continent in the 1520s.


Magellan and his company might have seen the Tehuelche. These people were tall, no doubt about it. Since Tehuelche wrote specifically about Patagonian giants, we can infer that they actually saw them. According to certain legends, Patagonian giants could reach heights of 12 to 15 feet and were at least twice as tall as the average person.

A map by Diego Gutiérrez from 1562 that shows Patagonian giants known as the Didanum people, who are connected to the Nephilim and Rephaim, is another piece of evidence for the existence of these giants.

Since there is little solid evidence that the myth of the Patagonian giants actually existed, many people think it is a myth. However, satellite photographs of the Patagonian Mountains that appear to reveal a possible Giant being may persuade them differently.

Even if the images obtained from Google Earth are not very good, the shape of a large humanoid sitting on a rock is recognisable, particularly its head, eyes, nose, mouth, right hand and fingers, as well as its left leg, foot, and toes. (See the enlarged photo above.)

Roger from Kansas City, who saw the object, provides a detailed description of the area in the video that follows.

Google Earth coordinates are: 54°50’32.78″S 69°21’57.08″W.