US Navy Firing the Powerful MK-46 Torpedoes in Middle of the Sea

I’m wondering where the torpedoes go after they’re fired from the ship? Do the explode somewhere in the ocean or just sink to the bottom?

The guided bullet idea came into being years before in a movie stared by Tom Selleck, called Runaway. The self guided bullets not only never missed, they exploded upon hitting their target. Interesting to know these actually came into being, at least they don’t explode, yet

The item about the none pneumatic tyre was brilliant, I am actually very surprised that this type of tyre or wheel has not got much further than this. I would imagine that the tyre companies are very much against it BUT possibly could get aboard if development continues as the amount of used tyres in the world now is unbelievable, and something that could totally beat punctures would be a world beater even with run flats currently used. Good documentary. Thanks for this.

“It’s 100x quieter than a helicopter and the military can’t wait to get their hands on them. Because they have huge potential for missions involving medical evacuation, fire fighting, disaster response and humanitarian relief operations.” Yeah, right. Those are the things the military is thinking when they see a quiet aircraft.