Unbelievable: NASA Just Detected a Parallel Universe Where Time Runs Backwards After an Experiment in Antarctica

Antarctica is ground zero for both theories and experiments nowadays. Most of the shocking discoveries of our generation were all made in Antarctica, and the more we look into it the stranger the land becomes, and the less we know about it.

Recently, NASA conducted an experiment on the premises of Antarctica which actually brought back a ton of proof that supports the theory of the parallel universe and that unlike our universe; this one runs on different laws of physics.

To be precise, this is NASA themselves confirming this. This is them stating that this parallel universe is unlike anything. That we’ve seen or heard of before, and that time itself seems to run backward in it

The idea of parallel universes has been parading the scene since 1952 when a group of physicists brought forth this theory. This seemed quite far-fetched at the time but as we all know, with time any theory can become a fact.

Erwin Schrodinger came up with this theory and he even stated that although the idea was crazy, to begin with. It was definitely not impossible.

NASA confirmed this idea by conducting a cosmic ray detection experiment in Antarctica, finding a particle that is “out of this world” according to them. This is a great day for theorists around the globe; with NASA on our side for once we can definitely be more confident in our findings.