UK to purchase 14 new Chinook helicopters

The US and the UK Governments are working out the details of an approximately $2 billion sales agreement for extended-range Chinook helicopters.

The UK indicated its intent to buy 14 new H-47(ER) units in a letter of offer and acceptance and reconsidered the set of costs associated with the purchase plan.

The Bloomberg report said Britain also wants to postpone the delivery schedule by up to three years due to pandemic-related financial concerns.



The agreement was confirmed in a letter from the UK’s embassy in Washington.

The letter serves as “acknowledgment that the UKG wishes to extend its Chinook Vertical Heavy Lift capability by proceeding with the acquisition of quantity fourteen (14) new build Chinook H-47(ER) helicopters,” adding “However, as a direct result of the worldwide impact of Covid-19, the UKG has had to reconsider the expenditure profile of this project.”


“Work is at an advanced stage to commence the procurement of a number of new Chinook helicopters to replace older airframes in the fleet,” a spokeswoman for the U.K. embassy in Washington said in an email here.

“The delivery schedule and exact costs for the new Chinook helicopters are to be confirmed, but it is expected delivery will be completed before the end of 2030.”