UFO Part or Alien Drone Found by Shepherds in the Spanish Field

Shepherds from Murcia, Spain, founded something very unusual flying over their field. A UFO maybe? Initially, they thought that it was a military aircraft, but eventually, it turned out that the object had actually fallen from space.

Francisco and Juan Espin del Amo were looking after their flock of sheep and goats when the object caught their attention. The object was oval and was lying in the grass. The first they did was to snap some pictures of the object. One of the shepherds actually touched the object. It weighs around 30 and 45 pounds with a diameter of 4 feet.

The two shepherds deduced that the object must be related to some military aircraft, however, they rejected the idea and called authorities as soon as they could.

Spanish authorities tried to cover-up and claimed that since the Spanish Civil War involved such a heavy amount of weaponry and armaments in the early 20th century, it is possible that the object could be an auxiliary fuel tank from a rocket.

Moreover, the Civil Guard tweeted shortly after that residents could stay calm since no UFO landed on their territory. Could it be a cover-up? Other sources suggest that this mysterious object is actually Alien drones. What is your opinion about these objects?