UFO Hunter Discovers an Alien Lizard on Mars in Photos from the NASA Website

Most experts agree that virtual archeology is the way of the future. It would be a dream come true to learn the mysteries of the cosmos hidden behind our screens. We don’t need a huge budget, we don’t need to travel there ourselves, and we don’t need to worry that we’ll be stopped by authorities as soon as we arrive. Everything is online-based.

This is the situation with the most recent find made by Joseph White, a UFO seeker, who is known for his work.



The ArtAlienTV representative examined the most current set of images taken by NASA’s Curiosity Rover of the Red Planet and made the amazing finding of an alien lizard ambling around the surface carefree!

You can see how strikingly similar it is to the lizard from our planet in the images below.


After being confronted with the idea that it’s actually a statue of some sort he came up with the theory that this might be a remnant of an alien life form that spent too much time on the surface and so was turned into solid stone.

Regardless, this is nowhere near the first discovery of this sort on Mars. Take a look at the fossilized iguana below that was uncovered back in 2013 by UFO Sightings Daily.


Over 15 cases of bizarre extraterrestrial reptiles have been discovered on Mars, according to Scott Waring, one of our generation’s top UFO researchers.

With a collection of five photos taken in the same location, he has evidence that at least one of them is still alive.


You can clearly see that in four pictures the creature is just lying on the ground but in the fifth it’s gone, implying that it ran away.

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