“UFO Emerges From The Indian Ocean”

Every piece of news relating to Unidentified Flying Objects swiftly becomes viral because the UFO issue is getting more serious and scientific. Just 700 kilometers off Madagascar, a puzzling item has just surfaced in the Indian Ocean.

The days when conspiracy theorists and alternative researchers were the only ones interested in UFOs are long gone. Governments and scientists are now publicly researching them.

Because of this, he has boldly named a bizarre item that sprang quickly from the Indian Ocean’s depths.

700 kilometers to the east of Madagasc ar, in the Mascarene archipelago, is the island of Reunion.

Sandrine Fontaine recorded a video of a large unidentified flying object hovering above the water on the night of October 11.

This mysterious dark mass came above the sea quite gradually. With the use of his telescope’s red filter, Fontaine was able to catch the entire occurrence. This gave him a clear view of the peculiar shape of what seemed like a ship.

Despite this, he was only able to get a brief video of the UFO before it vanished.

Experts who have looked over the film claim that the object is strikingly similar to UFOs that were seen on camera from a US submarine in 1971.

The object’s profile is depicted as having a triangle form when it emerges from the sea. A really distinctive appearance that has been seen on camera before.

The TR-3B anti-gravity airplane is a prime example of a bizarre craft with similar shapes. But it is clear from the footage that something emerges from the water.

In fact, many experts believe it to be a USO rather than a UFO, meaning it might be from an undersea facility.

The idea that this is human technology that has been reverse-engineered has been brought up frequently online. utilizing previously discovered extraterrestrial technologies.

Even the potential that it is a component of a space fleet that can visit other planets in the Solar System has been raised.

Another option is that we are dealing with a genuine extraterrestrial spaceship. For years, some have even suggested that an alien race may reside on the island in an underwater extraterrestrial base.

No idea can be supported or refuted at this time since no government has made a decision on the subject.