The puppy was not only emaciated, but also had some burns on its paws

A gray Pit Bull with the appearance of a bag of bones seemed to ask for help with its languid gaze.

It was a bag of bones that seemed to ask him for help with his languid gaze-He did not hesitate and acted

Building maintenance workers are always ready to help tenants with more than one problem. But an employee in Clayton, Georgia, faced a bigger deal than just a bucket of water, when he discovered what was going on behind the closed doors of one of the apartments.

On one occasion when the man was asked to go check on a problem in the building, there was something that disturbed him even more than he could imagine.


The most logical solution was to inform the Animal Control office, but they only left an alert on the door of the negligent owner’s apartment. Finally, the worker was presented with the opportunity to help the creature.

Faced with this action, the employee did not hesitate for a moment and decided to adopt it. The first thing he did was free him from the cage and take him to Grayson Animal Hospital in Gwinnett County.

“When he got here he was crying, screaming, he was in disbelief. This is the worst case I have ever seen. He is very sweet and loving. All he wants to do is kiss you,” said Alive Cinnamon Koch, a rescue worker.

The puppy was not only emaciated, but also had some burns on its paws. Despite its past, the creature had hopes of getting better.

The puppy was named Mikey by the man who rescued him and he was not the only one in love with the dog. Shortly after arriving at the hospital, some girls heard the story and decided to donate their allowances to cover the expenses of the Pit Bull.

Annabelle, Ari, Addie and Rylee fell in love with Mikey and are doing everything they can to help him.

The puppy weighed less than 10 kilos when he was admitted to the hospital. A fairly low weight for his size, because according to veterinarian Dr. John Tollive, Mikey must weigh at least 20 kilograms. We hope that he can soon recover physically and emotionally from his past traumas. For their part, the authorities are investigating the details of the story to determine the responsibility of the owner.

These things should not be allowed. Share this note and urge your friends to report any suspicion of animal neglect. We can all do something!