Rescue dog chained to live in the heat and rain in vain waiting for kind people to help!

we got call for help a poor dog was chained without shelter under sun and rain… for ling time .

The heartless owner neflected this poor dog , he starved only skins and bones with heavy chained. heartless owner chained poor dog without food and water …

When we come to there for help, the poor dog is so hungry …

we gave him a lot of foods but he eat engorge like never eat before . He starved and so scared people, we try to build his trust . a new chapter and life started for him today . Dehydrated, nourished, in extremely difficult condition. Body temperature of 40.8 celsuis, he has many ticks , hundreds of fleas …

The poor dog was not used to any human interaction , bathed , vet check and sedative therapy .

The poor dog is safe now !

We took the poor dog Pako to the vet  . a wood stick stuck long time in pako’s mouth. we can not imagine how many pain he suffered .

he took all the treatement he needed . 1 week later : pako in a safe place , he meet hapiness , play, friends , freedom . it takes a little to change someone’s life and give them hope.

Pako is finally enjoying life as he deserves in a safe placement .