Reptilian Beings Confirmed by Ancient Egyptian Papyrus

At this point, it’s rather silly to state that advanced alien civilizations haven’t actually visited us in the past as we simply put have too much proof backing us up for it all to mean otherwise.

These ancient texts we’ve discovered so far tell us that this has happened before and most importantly, how and when.

Like for example the ancient papyrus that we’ll talk about today, which brings yet another series of proofs backing this theory up.

The papyrus speaks of the Navash Serpent from the Garden of Eden, Atum the serpent-man, and Enki/Ea, the serpents from the ancient Sumerian tales.

They are typically portrayed as gods amongst men, as no one was able to stand before them and not tremble according to most any text out there.

The half-man and half-crocodile God Sobek for example were too frightening to even look in the eyes, as he was supposedly so massive and powerful that with his own sweat, he created the Nile River. This Nile River kickstarted most of life in ancient Egypt according to their stories.