Newly, Flying Saucers Discovered On Mars – Ancient Alien Artifacts (2 videos)

Mars, the King of ancient Alien ruins with all kinds of interesting thing’s like this unbelievable Flying Saucer.

I’ve lost count of the ancient Alien artifacts been discovered on the surface and we’ve not even scraped the surface yet. Everything that we’ve found on Mars is on the surface. Can you imagine what we would find if we could dig down a few feet?

We’ve got a helicopter on Mars for whatever reason but to be honest with you, we need a digger on there or just attached a scoop to the bottom of the Mars Rover. Send a tractor maybe, why not it’s getting ridiculous anyway. It would be worth every single penny of investment. The returns in terms of science alone would be epic!

Here’s a fantastic quote about this exact Flying Saucer anomaly on Mars by Paranormal Crucible on YouTube:

“A possible UFO crash on the red planet has spotted by the curiosity rover. The object, which half embedded into a rock face, looks like a classic flying saucer, and even appears to have a dome on its top.”Paranormal Crucible

In the image above we see another aerodynamic Disk with a dome in it’s perfect center. It’s also aerodynamic and that’s probably. Because it travels to planet’s that have atmospheres and so been aerodynamic is the best option.