Newly, A Black Cube UFO Hurtles Out Of A Portal Over El Paso

By highlighting the features of the UFO that the clouds had obscured, Secureteam10 was able to conduct research on the photograph, and lo and behold, those features were present! Only a few filters are used to focus on several features. There would have been no additional information revealed if the video had been phony since none of it is accurate!

This indicates that the image—or pictures, as the case may be—is extremely genuine.

Like in this image, where the elements of the Cube UFO that are obscured by the clouds are only visible because to expert image editing. I think this is genuine because of that.

Residents of a Texas community were horrified after a strange and menacing-appearing perfect black cube emerged in the skies over White Sands, the country’s most secret military station. It resembles the Star Trek television series’ Borg Cube Alien Spaceship.

A few miles from White Sands, the notoriously secret US military testing facility where the first atomic bomb was exploded, the scary black cube was photographed above El Paso on the Texas border.

Only decades after the research was conducted do the findings become widely known. A few miles from El Paso, over the border in New Mexico, lies the infamous Roswell UFO site, where it is said that aliens crashed-landed on earth. This region of the earth has a lot going on, and it’s all extraordinary. It goes beyond extraterrestrial, as it continues to produce unusual occurrences and UFOs. You’re going to be in for a pretty odd treat if you look it up, White Sands or El Paso.

This is a famous UFO sighting and was picked up the popular YouTube channel Secureteam10. It’s a very strange UFO encounter and has many people divided as to it’s validity? Is it real or is it a clever hoax?

Is it real or is it fake, these are the questions only you can come up with as nobody at the “authorities” as a whole is coming forward with any answers and as I’ve said before, NASA isn’t going to tell us the answer we want to hear! They’ve made their position clear so we have to accept it.

The black cube emerged in clouds over El Paso from what has been described as ‘a black hole type portal’. El Paso resident Walter C Lands, who captured the cube on his mobile phone said:

“It began to get very windy out and I noticed a small portion of clouds begin to swirl and circle in on each other forming a portal shape – at which point the portal became jet black.”A second eye-witness, a woman accountant who did not wish to be named, also took a picture of the skies over El Paso. She said:

“I noticed a square-shaped figure. I was a giant solid thing with designs around it and a faint magnetic oscillation type humming.”Walter passed his video on to phenomenon investigators Secureteam10.

In fact, there’s only photos of the Cube UFO and not actually a video of it coming out of the portal or clouds. I’ll still be on the look out for the video if it exists?