NASA Kept It Secret For 53-Years. What Did You Know About It!

NASA Video Shows Cities On The Moon! NASA Kept It Secret For 53-Years

Here is a NASA video from 1968, one year before Apollo’s lunar mission. The mysterious video was leaked to Deep Web in January 2016 and quickly went popular.

It could have been part of NASA’s “Syn 25” program, the most secret program.On the other side of the moon, we can see beautiful cities. Between 1965 and 1968, people built these cities under the company T SOS.Inc and NASA.

NASA Received A Mysterious Call From Other Galaxy?

NASA has received a message from ancient civilization from another galaxy in January 1998, but was only able to translate and decipher it in 2011 because of certain genres of our generation.

This strange message was believed to be over 80,000-year-old and was said to be from far away from the Andromeda galaxy, but what makes this different from other such messages is that it was asked for our help.

According to Viktor Kulikov, leader of a U.N. research team from a state-administered observer 50 miles northwest of Moscow, the message was a request for help but he did not go into the message, avoiding any cameras he could find.

He pointed out that this was not a natural thing, that they definitely have something to do because in the message they are obviously taking responsibility for the fall of their planet.

He concluded that not only was the planet devastated by nuclear weapons similar to ours but also at the same time these aliens were probably not much more advanced than we are now.

He said they were definitely close to our level but there was some purpose why they could not leave their planet, which may be the fact that they have not changed enough to do so yet.