NASA detects earthquakes: An ancient soldier armed with weapons on Mars

The picture was originally taken by NASA’s Curiosity Rover and originally uploaded on NASA’s official website.

Paranormal Crucible was the first to find this image. This was alleged to be legitimate proof of alien warriors on Mars by a group of virtual archeologists.

According to them, you can plainly see in this photo that the extraterrestrial soldier is wearing a spacesuit, implying. Their own environment is too much for them. This could indicate that they have a secret hideaway where they’re all camped together, possibly underground.

The extraterrestrial is thought to be either a Grey Alien or an insect-like alien that we haven’t seen before. The image was taken by NASA’s Curiosity Rover and first published on NASA’s official website.

Some have speculated that this could be a statue of a soldier rather than a soldier, while others say it is just another optical illusion.

In an interview, Zak Farley addressed this discovery, criticizing the virtual archeologists’ efforts. That this was nothing more than a mere jumble of stones.

Hybrid Sky agreed, however, according to DiscloseTV, this might be a race of aliens capable of turning into stones. Or that, as a result of exposure to the atmosphere, have transformed into stones.