NASA Accused of Cutting Live ISS Feed Everytime Some Strange UFOs Hover in Sight (video)

Toby Lundh, an authority on unidentified flying objects, watched the live ISS feed, he noticed a mysterious dot heading towards the station. As the dot rose, he was able to continue filming, but the footage abruptly cut out

No more odd spots in the distance after the stream came back online.

When the fact was pointed out to him, he said something like, “Did you see that, NASA? Are you any more blatant with your lies?” It is very doubtful that an announcement would be issued at this point.

Toby openly stated that he was the only one to see several UFOs on the livestream, and as he was about to get an image of one, the video cut off.

To make his argument even more obvious, he went ahead and revealed a shot of a UFO he got on tape. It’s very obvious that it appears identical to the Starfleet insignia starship from the sci-fi film Star Trek. Regardless, he was incredibly furious, as he thinks NASA has been repeatedly misleading to the public and has reached the point of desperation owing to such unethical actions.

In fact, the popular YouTuber Streetcap1 was less persuaded than he did in this situation, trusting NASA to be in the right. He believes it is more probable that it is just the Sky, since it seems to be white in the distance.